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R.STAT antistatic, conductive, thermoresistant, antibacterial solutions
A worldwide distribution

Products : silveR.STAT® fibres

Static and bacterial protection in textiles

Polyamide fibres have been made conductive and antibacterial thanks to pure silver coating onto the polymer.

The silveR.STAT® product range:

silveR.STAT® fibres should be blended at a low rate that will be determined according to the construction of the textile material, according to its conditions of process and use and to the level of static and/or bacterial protection expected.

When a conductive/antibacterial continuous yarn is used, it is not only the rate of introduction that will define the antistatic or antibacterial properties, but the way the conductive/antibacterial yarn is introduced.

Natural silver has also excellent heat conduction properties (heat distribution and storage) thanks to a very high reflectivity index (RI).This index corresponds to the capacity to give an energy back to the source.

The functions of the silveR.STAT® fibres:

  • Electro-conductive
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-smell
  • Thermal regulation
  • Electromagnetic shielding

Some examples of products in the silverR.STAT® range:

Cut fibre
1,7 - 3,3 - 6,7 - 22,0 - 33,0 dTex
available pure or blended
short or long length cuts
Monofilament yarns
25, 33, 57 dTex
Multifilament yarns
22, 33, 44, 78 , 110, 240 dTex other counts on demand
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(indicative, only for fibre and not guaranted for the finished product)

Retention of properties
After 1000 h in an oven at 60°C and 70 % relative humidity
After 100 000 castor chair revolutions (test made on a needle-felt carpet)
> 50 on fibre with ECE detergent (normalized)
Same as polyamide
Dyeing / bleaching
Dispersed dyestuff – solvent environment – etc...
Please ask

*Treatment made on silveR.STAT® 6,7 dTex fibre

Applications :

Needle-felted carpets
filtration de gaz
Vêtements de protection
Protective garments
Brosses électrostatiques
Industrial nonwovens
Textile chauffant
Heating textiles
Blindage électromagnétique
Electromagnetic shielding


Filtration d'air
Air filtration
Articles de literie
Bedding articles
Textiles médicaux, hospitaliers
Medical and hospital textiles
Semelles de chaussures et chaussant
Shoe insoles and Fitting
Vêtements de sports
Sports clothing

These examples are not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to inquire about your project and we'll find for you the most suitable solution.

Some examples of end-products:

Surface resistivity
Cross resistance
98 % meta-aramide
+ 2 % silveR.STAT®
Protective clothing / EN 1149
(After solvent dyeing and 5 washes at 90°C)
104 Ω
102 Ω
98 % meta-aramide
+ 2 % silveR.STAT®
Protective clothing ISO/CD 20 743
(After solvent dyeing and 1 wash cycle at 90°C)
99,6 % PA
+ 0,4 % silveR.STAT®
Needlefelt carpet / DIN 54345
(After 100 000 castor chair revolutions)
107 Ω
Woven grid (10 x 10 mm) 99.6 % PET
+ 0,4 % silveR.STAT® 25 dTex
Cleanroom fabric
EN 1149
104 Ω
107 Ω
Nonwoven (dyed) 93 % PET
+ 7 % silveR.STAT®
Shoe insoles / DIN 54345
102 Ω
102 Ω


Textile material including a suitable content of SilveR.STAT® fibres can pass the following norms:
- EN 1149 parties 1 (surface resistivity) and 2 (cross resistance): electrostatic properties for protective clothing.
- DIN 54345 : electrostatic properties of textiles (floorings, non-wovens, fabrics).
- Antibacterial quantitative methods: e.g. New Trial Method of Kanebo.


These values are non-contractual and just indicative. We reserve the right to complement or amend them. More information, based on assimilated experience, is available on request.
The given examples are only guidelines for you to design your own products. Information will be given on the basis of your own specifications that must have been supplied to R.STAT and is not a guarantee by R.STAT. Control, certification and validation of products (under their final commercial form and under real conditions of use) including R.STAT's technology lies with every user of R.STAT products.

R.STAT antistatic, conductive, thermoresistant, antibacterial solutions
A worldwide distribution